About Us

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A fresh innovative womens's apparel
business establishing from the 22nd of
november 2013

Colombo-based women swear label Shay int. was founded in late 2013 by Shayani Alwis, following a small collection of summer dresses inspired by bohemian styling. The pieces were sold exclusively through her retail outlet and design boutique located in the heart of Colombo, and the enthusiastic response led the designer to develop these initial themes into a broader collection that combines a strong sense of personality with a modern, eclectic attitude.

Growing up in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Shayani was always enthused by its tropical atmosphere but also at the same time she what inspires her the most traveling and discovering new cultures   and can been seen in her individual, eccentric and bold styles are reflected in Shay int. collections. Design aesthetic. Drawing on the standards of international style with equal doses of pride and irony, the label is relaxed, feminine and fun, shot through with a touch of refined sensibility.

Every step of the tailoring of the designs is done in Sri Lanka with a 90% female work force where around 50% work from home. A major goal of Shay int. is to promote the livelihood of women and help them grow as entrepreneur as the Shay int. brand grows.

Shayani holds a 1st class in Fashion Design from the University of Northumbria U.K in affiliation with the Academy of Design(AOD) in Colombo and has gone on to win the “Own brand” award at the Mercedes Benz fashion week held in Colombo, which was followed by her participation in the Mercedes Benz fashion week in Kiev, Ukraine.